Everything starts with an idea and the definition of an objective.

A website should be appealing and the usage should be intuitive. Oftentimes the general opinion is that a short briefing is sufficient to get the desired results. However, nobody knows the client and his expectations as good as the customer himself. Surely you don’t just want a pretty website but a certain conversion:

  • What should we talk about?
  • What is your target group interested in?
  • Which questions can and should be answered?

Therefore the conception phase is crucial to a successful web project.

Together with you we will not only develop a schematic layout or the design of your website but we will also analyse target groups, define personas and come up with digital of touchpoints of your target group. Every website we develop is co-ordinated with you through mock-ups and wireframes, therefore you have a tangible picture of the final product before the actual production.

Content & Structure

In the conception phase objective and content set-up should be mapped out:

  • Why do you want to be online and what kind of interactions with the user are desired?
  • How does the user navigate through the presented information?
  • Which content should be communicated?
  • Which special features (shop-system, appointments, call-back service, etc.) are desired

Upon request we compile detailed page- and functionality plans, so that nothing is left to chance.

Target groups

Every Online-presence should have an added value to its user and satisfy a certain desire: It could be purely information, a request, a comment, a purchase or setting up an appointment online.

It is therefore extremely important to think not only about the objective of the website but also to define clients and potential visitors to the website. This is the only way a customized online-presence can be built. The definition of personas is a useful methodology in this regard.

The persona is a depiction of the ideal customer. It will help to empathize with the user of a product – in our case the website. Of course not every customer is the same: The persona represents a certain group of users and is identified by certain characteristics, a specific behaviour and individual needs

Our services in detail

  • Development of user-stories
  • Assistance in the definition of personas
  • UX / UI design
  • Scribbles and mockups
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes